Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day 67

Elderflower cordial day

Yesterday was perhaps the most productive I have been in a while, practice in the morning, nap for most of the day...dinner with Krystal and the on call all night...

I had ordered some Elderflower cordial from amazon along with some muscavado sugar and today was the day to use them both!!

I made the elderflower jelly in the day and it looks FABULOUS today, and we had the Japanese pork with a plum center over rice and spring onions and for dessert we had the blueberry and elderflower yogurt..although neither of us really like coriander (or cilantro for you Americans) or star anise, we actually didn't hate diner!! 

Half way through the movie 'Little Fockers' I got called out for a heart wrenching care team with the crisis center and didn't get home until 230! Needless to say practice this morning was a little rough!

Nap time now!!

Ps, I was very impressed with my skills in keeping the bubbles in the jelly!!! Jamie is always right!!! 

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