Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day 92

Dinner w Krystal!!

Chicken in Milk, braised greens and Cannoli...another EPIC dinner with Hall Pass on demand, after practice and a wonderful lunch date with Ashley, over to see Marco as he recovers from his hospital visit and then home to make a rather large dinner...

The chicken and greens were amazing!! I cannot believe it took me so long to make it, although the chicken in milk kinda scared me..a lot... again Jamie knows what he is doing!!! perfect juicy and succulent!! 

The cannoli might look like a dead loin chop covered in blood but that is actually the chocolate that made the ricotta turn brown and the raspberry sauce that looks like blood and although I am not a huge fan of the actual cannoli itself this also turned out very tasty!!!  
Lots of people out of town this weekend so Carter is here to stay again!!! I freaking LOVE this pup!!! so beautiful...beach tomorrow with Ashley and Kori! Super excited and ready for a relaxing day after a long long week!!

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