Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 99 and 100


Right down to the wire I have completed my challenge... unfortunately my final 2 recipes were not my favorite and the panacotta turned out too runny so it just splodged on the plate... Sourdough, red mullet turned snapper, panacotta....and I have finished!

Today is the day before America's independence from us in Britain... after 4years of sitting by and watching them celebrate this holiday I decided it was finally time to join in... we are having a dinner party here and I am teaching one of my fellow swimmers Jamie's carbonara, I made hummus and cake...these are my lil american tasties!!
I figured it was time to embrace my Americanisms and join in! Everyone is bringing their own special dish and we might end up having enough food for the rest of the week!!!
I will post a sum-up tomorrow after my dinner party :)