Friday, 29 April 2011

Day 38

Asparagus and Scallops

Dinner of little scallops over asparagus and leeks after a left over lunch of carbonara and red sunchips, a very quick and easy day of cooking.

Liz and I watched the tourist with the rest of our street while eating, unfortunately publix didn't have big scallops so we had to settle for a few extra big ones, but this recipe is DELICIOUS!

I also wanted to try the salad with artichokes and grapefruit tonight before Liz's family gets here and she leaves Gainesville forever (*SADFACE!*) but publix also didn't have any artichokes so I will have to try Fresh Market tomorrow.

This morning practice was at the very early time of 5am...I must say nap time was epic today, insofar as I woke up forgetting that I had already been to morning practice and almost went again!...5am, as it is tomorrow aswell is a little foreign to the body at the moment so bed calls,  hopefully salad tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 37

Carbonara and Confetti Cake

Another day of repeats, a wonderful evening with a few of the postgrads and I repeated the carbonara, focaccia bread and made a box cake for dessert.

I did use Jamies Honey and Lemon Dressing on my summer salad of spinach, strawberries and almonds...I was very impressed...even if I do say so myself!

I must figure out portion control.. I have so much carbonara left and Ryan brought over some cheesecake, AND I have half of the cake.. but I guess it's better to have too much than too little right?!

Dinner went down a treat and another food coma while we have a threatening thunderstorm...perfect!

(Sorry I forgot the pictures today!)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day 35

Parsnips, Pancetta and Peas

I am not sure I was completely convinced by the parsnips, they argued that they fit with the pancetta, and although I didn't hate my dinner, like I said, not completely convinced. 

I felt very weak after yesterday's Marathon Monday: 8k session in the morning, followed by power weights with a short break for Designer Greens. Then 8 stadiums followed by 7 wheels and 105 situps... and 10x100 all out from the block to finish. 

I then went to the Crisis Center thinking my shift was last night when actually it's tonight, so all in all yesterday took its toll. The only saving grace that Beales is here for our late-night heart-to-hearts.

Today was apparently 3hour nap day with two more Jamie Dishes for dinner, not completely satisfied by either but neither offended my taste buds too much!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Day 34

Family Easter Love

The original 4 are in 319. While Steph and Beales went for a long walk at Paynes Prairie Liz and I cooked up our family feast. 

I have waited for Beales to make the slow roasted duck so today it's on the menu. I was a little saddened when I had to remove the heart and kidneys from Mr Duck, I felt a little connection to him and when I threw out his carcass..I had spent a good 3hours with him. *sadface*

Our feast was very epic.. 


Baked Brie with sun-dried tomato and pesto (by Liz)
Caramelized onion salad with almonds  (by Liz)
Boiled Egg..just for Easter (by Liz)

Slow Roasted Duck (by me)
Roast Potatoes with ginger and fennel leaves (by me)
Roasted Carrots and Fennel (by me)

Strawberry Shortcake (by Liz)
Left over Strawberry Cheesecake (me!)

Easter is all about spending time with those you love, so I am happy I got to spend it with my closest friends in Gainesville. Food Coma and Legally Blonde to finish the evening.

Day 33

Cheesecake attempt 2! (Saturday 23rd)

Kristen Beales arrived today, my freshman roommate and best friend for the past 5years back in town! We started at Latin Cafe after she landed and I had a good practice in the pool, I haven't been there since I got back but its Beales' place for breakfast! 

I completed my cheesecake-- NY style, baked in the oven with gramcraker is solid and cheesy and it actually looks like a cheesecake this time! But its not strawberry though so I decided I would put together a topping and cover it in strawberries and figure out the strawberry recipe next time. I want to make a marble style strawberry cheesecake. 

Also today I had another fail with a peach pie, Publix didn't have the double Pillsbury pie crusts so I ended up trying the open peach pie but it didn't set at all and just collapsed, much like the last cheesecake. I think I learned my lesson to follow a recipe exact for baking and not try and be creative until I really know how to bake!!

Tomorrow is Easter and Roasted Duck is on the menu!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 32

Mozzarella Salad Snack 

I had to take 2 days off cooking due to dinner or lunches out and a slight depression that the last meal didn't turn out exactly like I wanted.
However I got a couple of emails inspiring me to continue so here we are again!

Another long day of training- today I felt a LOT better in the water..even after the most stressful Crisis Center shift I have ever had...I got home around 1.30/2am and called David to process my 4hour shift from hell and managed a good solid 4hours sleep before training and weights in the morning, extreme nap and back to training in the evening. I made Jamies Mozzarella Salad- genius. So simple yet so effective. 

Round 2 of Cheesecake is in the oven, I am attempting the baked NY cheesecake and will make a strawberry glaze to see if we can make up for the mess I made last time!

I'm back!!! Both in the pool and back to cooking, tired but here!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 29

Mushy strawberry whipped cream...

Today was a little bit of a disaster... Lunch with James was ok, a quick fix chicken in a bag with mushrooms, it took a lot longer to cook than Jamie said, still pink in the middle after 25mins but that and roasted veggis for lunch while watching teen pregnancies; not one of his best but a good quick one. 
Attempted to make strawberry cheesecake for Ryan, his favorite dessert before a 2 hour lay out by the pool with Conor as the dogs swam up and down getting their laps in for the day..again I cannot believe I am lucky enough to live in this climate with these amazing people...

Then home to cook some more Foccacia bread, chicken in ham with cheese and more roasted veggis and chocolate chip cookies for Devon and Ryan... 

The chicken in ham was one of Jamies from his website, not the book, but I had to fry it after after bashing it thin-not one of my favorites, could have been better... the bread was good and the veggis but the real disaster was the cheesecake, Ryan was so excited about it and it tuned out to be a big mushy mess of strawberries and cream, not too bad tasting but ugly and not the cheesecake that he was looking for! 

The only saving grace was the cookies for Devon; next time I will focus on the cheesecake!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 28

Stray from the challenge...
Today I was craving a salad after morning practice, I swam well...5secs faster per 100 than last week- I actually feel like an athlete again!! Then lifted pretty heavy, then back for the warm salad, perfect after I made another easy cheat Jamie recipe.

 Liz found it on one of the food blogs a recipe for the most fabulous cake ever made in about 15mins!!! 
Strawberries, rasberries, toasted almonds, chocolate, cream, sweet pomegranate wine and chocolate vanilla cannot really go wrong...can you?!
I made it before practice and all I could think about during the 3x8x50 all out swims was how beautiful it looked sitting in my fridge waiting for me!!
Liz had a hard day of studying and exams so I made her the warm salad lunch too, just without the smoked bacon (vegi!) and then the same dinner as we had last night as I had everything left over to make it over so I had it ready and on the table waiting for her when she walked in the door. *smiley face*
We had another civilized dinner at the table as I ate the very simple spaghetti and tomatoes..YUMMY and easy. 

Although I am running into the problem now that everything I have already cooked- I love, and some of what is left I am a little scared to try...don't get me wrong it looks good, but when I am cooking for everyone else I want them all to like it...and some people have picky tastes!! But I am soldiering on and at 37 dishes in 28 days with 57 to go I am sure I will complete my challenge, I have to.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Day 27

LADY GAGA weekend!
Such an amazing weekend, I might not have managed enough on the cooking front but after a recovery workout after some mean stadiums on Sat morning the girls and I started our epic journey...Tampa here we came...the class of 2010 really does get along and we all just click...we had a lovely meal at a place called Fly, I had lamb and hummus with pita bread and tomatoes then we went to see Lady Gaga in concert...and WOW does she know how to perform! It really was fabulous, definite Gaga converted fan after that and I cannot believe she is only 25 years old....WOW

Ihop for breakfast on Sunday morning (nutella creps...always yummy!) then a glorious afternoon on the beach before we drove back up to gainesville. Sometimes I cannot believe just how lucky I am to live in a place so beautiful and so warm, this is Florida! Oh and I got my permanent residence card through in the mail on Sat morning I said BEST WEEKEND EVER!!

I got home and cooked "Plaice" with tomatoes, olives and spinach...only plaice is hard to find in Florida so I substituted it with Flounder, I am very sure they are related somehow! The olive, anchovy and basil paste looked nasty before I rolled it in the flounder and baked it, it looked like some kind of vomit but yet again Jamie knows best, successful dish number 35 and counting! Even without cooking everyday I am managing this challenge and learning more and more about food everyday. Yippee!!! 

Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 25

3-course feast with Conor and Brett

Worst session ever this afternoon, 100x25 sprints from a dive, all out. I am so tired.

I made focaccia bread and cheeky chocolate mousse with sesame seed toffee snaps in-between sessions and then after 'demon set' I made Jamie's Old man's superb Chicken with roasted potatoes and veg....and superb and bloomin' gorgeous it was!

Today was a stress fest for a few reasons, partly because I was so tired, partly because we got out of the session late because of 'demon set' and then Publix had run out of puff pastry, (maybe because of all the baked brie we've been making?) 

But the stress was definitely worth it, everything turned out perfect as per usual with Jamies recipes, he is a good mentor in my healthy choices, the Bible is teaching me well!

Brett, Conor Liz and I sat around our newly arranged breakfast bar in the sun room and had a very civilized dinner..Liz even managed to create a veggi dish out of mine with all the roasted veg, some bok choy from yesterday with Jamie's white wine and mustard sauce, and his focaccia bread.. and then finished with a cheeky chocolate moose! 

Extremely stuffed now, satisfied but stuffed! Jamie would say...Bloomin' Gorgeous!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 24

Ben and Bok Choy
Dinner yesterday at Subway with Kori after a long day of training again meant no cooking again. I miss cooking when I don't do it but sometimes I just don't have time to go to Publix or get food ready...but I did make a fabulous tomato and basil omelet for breakfast with some leftover cheese...Delicious!

Today however, after getting my hair trimmed, much needed, I made steak over bok choy for Ben and I for dinner. He had been feeling tired and exhausted (as have we all due to the insane training we have been doing!) but I had seen what he had for dinner the night before..chicken and veg... and decided he needed some good red meat, iron and carbs! 
To go with the steak which was seasoned with ginger, chili, lime and garlic I made a quick garlic and chili mash, each meal I cook seems to satisfy my guests and I like them too, I hope that I can continue this new tradition after my 100days, I might start Jamies 30-minute meals next and see what I can do with them! 
To finish tonight I made the same pineapple with mint sugar I made on day 1, a healthy evening with great success! 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 22

My first day back on the Crisis Lines!
Another long morning of training, my body is not happy with me at all...too much muscular pain!!! Stadiums yesterday and dehydration with 8k in the morning and 6k at night with the 2hours of dryland... then the FLA's (Florida Letterman Awards)... I think that justifies not cooking...

Today however my salad for lunch was FANTASTIC! Poached egg (my very 1st poached egg) and warm bread Salad...perfect for an afternoon off!
I replanted my herbs in new pots now sitting on my windowsill, but I will have to wait and see how they do because at the moment they are looking a little pathetic so I kept some in their little seedling netting just incase!

Then for dinner just before my Crisis Center shift at 6pm and after taking Zoe for a quick walk down to the lake and coming within about 3ft of a baby alligator I made a quick fix...Salmon with pinenuts, although I was missing the key ingredient (Radicchio) so I am going to have to remake this one...good as it was, will probably be MUCH better with this...NB Radicchio is not in the Radish family, they are not interchangeable! So I have a few radishes for Liz to use going spare.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 19 and 20 and 21

Calzone and Cod

For some reason I continue to pick foods that provide alliteration, not on purpose mind but it proves good for my titles.

Tonight I cooked for my whole house and two of my wonderful crisis center friends, they really are the most fabulous breed of people... Jamie's Calzone and Cod on the menu with a second attempt at the brie and then Ashley made fruit pizza for dessert...needless to say another food coma on its way!

I had a little messy action with the tomatoes as I cut them but my chopping skills have vastly improved in speed and confidence! I couldn't cook Friday due to the Hall of Fame banquet, mingling with some people with lots of money; all of whom bleed orange and blue, I think todays feast made up for that. And yesterday was Dad's last day in Gainesville so we went out to dinner at Top, one of our favorite places, again tonights cooking made up for the lack of..



Cod with tomatoes and mozzarella 

Fruit Pizza
After this fabulous feast we watched 127hours with the gorgeous James Franco which was a perfect end to a perfect evening. 

With 29 recipes down I am well on my way to finishing even with crisis center shifts picking up and training. Herbs are starting to sprout and I will have to start moderating portions before this gets super expensive! Maybe people can start pitching in a few bucks here and there when I cook..but Target did give me some free pasta today which is fabulous!! :) 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 17 and 18

Daddy Days!

Day 17 was a long exhausting day of errands and practice twice with stadiums and dryland. Dinner at BJs pizza and lunch at Designer Greens so Jamie and I had a break...

However Day 18...YUM! Dad and I went to the Santa Fe River for the afternoon, rented a canoe and floated up and down the river to O'leno state park: beautiful. Turtles, birds, water, sun and the river rise; what more can you ask for?...although might have had an epic fail with the sunburn! I am wearing a red dress tomorrow for the Hall of Fame banquet and I am also red...great big tomato?

Well anyways, Jamie's recipe for today: Cod and Avocado over a green salad...quick and easy after the sun sapped all my energy away! All the food was pretty much ready to go, only had to cut the avocado and basil and grate the cheese, 20 mins in the oven and ready to eat! Perfect end to a perfect day...minus the sunburn!

Cod and Avocado

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 16

Appetizer Dinner

Dad is on his way to Gainesville and Honey and Banana Bread (p245) has been doughed, risen and baked.  I picked up my scooter from the shop and went in to see the coaches...but the best part of the day, dinner...chips (a hint of lime tostitos) and Liz's home made salsa, baked brie with tomato and pesto filling with apples, grapes and reduced balsamic vinegar, and a couple of honey and banana bread rolls! 

Biggest food coma I have ever satisfied!

This morning was the first swim session I have done in a while where I actually felt like an athlete...I know it might not stick all week but at least I felt good for 2hours! 

Baked Brie
Unfortunately we might have left the brie in the oven too long so it started leaking, this didn't alter the taste and it was absolutely fabulous, so sophisticated...I know this wasn't a Jamie but baked brie is one of my favorites that Liz and I always share when we go to Jones for evening meal. Everyday is a Brie Day, we might have to make it a weekly ritual.

Honey and Banana Bread

Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 15

Exhaustion and Tuna 

First full day of no B.S. swimming, 2hours this morning, stadiums, errands, an hour of abs and 2 more hours of swimming: I am tired!

Liz (my non-meat eating rommie and best-friend) was in a Tuna mood so I made a quick stop at publix, where I went to the wrong side of the car to drive! (Not in England anymore!) and made the quick and easy Tuna Japanese style! Never eaten tuna before so this was a new experience but one that I will be sure to repeat at a later date...only with a little less ginger blobs, might have over grated!

Mochi for dessert, fabulous frozen yogurt then movie before passing out in bed!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 14

Herb Garden and Onion Bread

I decided it was time to plant some herbs, they are super expensive and they die so quickly when just left in the fridge. So I bought some starter seeds and some soil for in the window in my room, they should start sprouting in a week and then grow...I feel like I am growing my own little minions from Despicable Me, they are my babies!
After a trip to Jones with Liz this morning, one of my all time favorite (american spelling--I apologize for all my misspelled Americanizms any english readers!!) restaurantes in Gainesville, and lunch at Designer favorite salad (the Summer salad-extra strawberries no mandarins) with Krystal Watson I started attempting my herb garden, they look pretty cool I must say and I hope they grow!! So much cheaper in the long run...

Then dinner was left-over pasta salad and the Onion Baguette! Yummy, except the well definitely broke and water did escape and I started a little too late on the growth so the bread was more like an evening snack than a dinner side. 
Back to some serious training tomorrow and Daddy comes to stay on Tuesday so lots to do and well ahead on my challenge so when I start to travel to swim meets I can afford to miss a couple of days cooking! Yippeee
Onion Baguette

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 13

Street BBQ

At the end of our street live some boys from the team, so street cookout was inevitable, Matt Norton spent all day cooking smoked pork so to juxtapose the sizable meats on the smoker I made the biggest pasta salad ever! Fabulous really, only I struggled cutting up the tomatoes. I actually sliced through my left index finger and nail...must be more careful; luckily no blood mixed in with any of the food that actually went in the salad but still... error of the day.

I also made the Avocado and Toasted Almond Salad today but I am not a big fan of Avocado so I cannot say too many good things about this one, I mean it went down a treat at the cookout and people liked it, the Avo-fans dug in...that and the Thick Mustard Dressing so I knocked out 3 recipes today, YAY.

Conor Dywer was surprised at my cooking skills as I normally eat Bento and Designer Greens with him,  I still have not visited DG since I got back, must get on that... but a bunch of the guys and girls from the team dug in and there is enough left for a few lunches in between practices next long as not too many people pinch it out of the fridge! The rest of the food was wonderful too, that along with the beautiful sunshine made the evening amazing...back to bed early though as I still don't feel 100% 

Last relaxation day tomorrow, hopefully I will be perfectly healthy by Monday, BACK TO WORK!

Avo and Almond
Pasta Salad

Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 12

Catch up, Carbonara and Cobbler

Apart from a stinking sinus infection today was another cooking miracle. Anna Pold came over tonight after a long day of workout. Today I had practice, stadiums and practice again and then I was supposed to have weights- however my sinus pressure did NOT agree with all that and said NO to practice and told me all I could manage this afternoon was kick (with fins of course)! No weights either but walked legs now hate me...

Taking the weekend to get healthy and back in the pool on Monday.

But dinner was fantastic again, catch up with AP seeing as we havent really seen each other in at least 3 months and Carbonara (p128) and Fruit Cobbler (p270) were on the menu. When Jamie says he strips things down to make things simple, aka naked chef, he is not kidding...I never knew it would be possible to make such amazing food!

Demolished enough food for about 6 people between the two of us and still had room for dessert! Carbonara was simple and quick and perfect for straight after a long day and practice. Cobbler took enough time to cook to let our food settle down! Perfect.
Fruit pre-cobbler
Fruit Cobbler