Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 75


This week I have seriously been slacking on the cooking... I have been busy with a lot of different things although this weekend I did manage the cherry bread and monkfish and asparagus..

...Monday was "switch-out day" with PVK, Conor and Joyce- my turn but I wanted something AMAZING that I know I do well instead of the stragglers that are left in the book so I made a shepherds pie (Jamie style!), my famous baked brie and white chocolate torte for dessert and it was FABULOUS!!! hehe... 

So I still have a ways to go, after helping train the newbies at the crisis center on Tuesday from 515 to 1130pm I didn't have time to cook dinner and last night was an Olive Garden date with Levar, tonight was a bento night with Ed and Rex!

Back to cooking tomorrow even though I am on call, and next week is just as busy with my trip to Santa Clara so I think I am going to be cutting this very close but I still think I can do it!!!

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