Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 91


Today I battled through 5 different things on my list leaving me now with 14 left in 9 days... 

As I said yesterday challenge is still on and except for the Japanese Mooli, I still believe it is possible...if only I had stayed in a couple of those nights I ate out; crunch time might not be so crunchy!

First today I started the sourdough which will take 7 days to complete so right on 2 days before the end of my challenge... the flour and water are collecting yeast from our air as we speak and should start bubbling tomorrow...this process is long but very easy!

Next  I had lunch today taste-testing the final Oyster and then substituting fresh figs with the ones in fresh market for the salad ...needless today the fresh ones would be 100times better than these but for now that will do...the salad itself was good and tasty but as I said fresh would definitely be key for those months when figs are in season!! I will be running to the store as soon as they are!! 

Next on my busy cooking day was the pork cooked in wine with fennel seeds, I roasted this before practice, which I was very grateful for when I got home and it was ready for me to re-heat and eat with some rice and fennel!! YUMMY!!! 

Finally today I finished with one of the desserts...lemon curdy pud...I wasn't sure I would like it as I used to only really eat desserts with chocolate in but surprise surprise Jamie did it again...SPECTACULAR!!! 

14 to go in 9 days: Count Down..

1) Lemon Pickle
2) Japanese Mooli Salad
3) Bashed pine nut and basil dressing
4) Lasagna
5) Salmon in Newspaper
6) Skate wings
7) Sardines
8) Red Mullet
9) Chicken in Flour
10) Chicken in Milk
11) Braised greens
12) Cannoli
13) Chocolate Cambridge Cream
14) Pannacotta w roasted rhubarb

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