Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day 96 and 97

Theres something fishy going on here...

Dinner after a relatively good practice and a massage yesterday; lasagna with squid and mussels... not really sure I can say I will make this again, I do not like squid or mussels much but hidden in the tomatoes and onions with pasta I didn't hate it...

On the side I had the salmon wrapped in newspaper, this one I loved!! I didn't do a whole salmon...taper time warrants small portions and just for me as a side to the lasagna needed a small piece of salmon.. but this one I will make again, I loved the taste. 

Today however I finally bit the bullet... SARDINES... 

If you see where they started and how they got to where they finished you will see the apprehension I experienced..I am not much of a fish person in the first place and so just sitting in their fishy form in stage one freaked me out... but then to de-head, gut and bone them added to the already vomit worthy process..

However all that being said, I actually didn't hate the final product! I have a whole bunch left in the freezer but I might have to leave it a while to debrief from the experience before I make them again! 

Finally for dinner today I used the Skate Wing recipe only with tilapia... Even if I do say so myself it was to die for!!! We saw the movie Transformers and I needed something quick before I went to a meeting at the crisis center and this was the ideal taper time meal... it was almost fish fingers, only it was 10x better because I had made it!! I made a lime- creme fresc dollop, together with the spinach and fish was perfect for a quick and easy meal.
This only leaves me with one fish dish and the panacotta dessert, together with the baking of the sourdough left and the challenge is complete... WHOOPPIEE!!

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