Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 88

Sorry I have been so MIA, travelling to Santa Clara this weekend completely took me away from my cooking...

I raced over in California, not anywhere near where I need to be at the end of the season but right on my in-season time for the 100 backstroke. Although I am no where near satisfied with my performances I have come home with a new outlook on training...ITS GO TIME!

Back to the cooking I made the baked peppers today with the steak medallions and shallots, quick and easy meal to start me back into the swing of things...now I only have 12 days left...not only is it crunch time in the pool its crunch time on my challenge!! 

Dinner yesterday with the usual Monday crew and Rodion by Conor and Joyce was perfect pancake breakfast dinner, just what I needed after a long redeye home with pretty much an hour of sleep!! I really need to learn how to sleep better...

I'll be back soon :)

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