Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 78

Loving my new living room layout!!!!

After re-arranging my living room I have a much more homely feel and cooking is defs easier with the house clean and looking GREAT!! So friday was chili con carne with a chocolate pudding with an orange in the middle... unfortunately the pudding turned into a big splodgy mess on the plate because the pudding basin wasn't big enough for the orange!!! haha... but it did taste absolutely spectacular and you even got the taste of orange in the chocolate!! 

The chili had a few moderations with no beans as I really am not a bean fan at all... and a little less chili powder than called for but it was also fabulous, I even used cinnamon -which until now I have wretched at the thought of- and I liked it!!!

Then today I made the steak and Guinness pie for lunch after a good breakfast and I was so full for the rest of the day!! I might have used a little too much Guinness but other than that it turned out well. 

Finally I made the walnut and apricot bread, which I didn't really think I would like but again I got to trust Jamie! It was awesome and the perfect little snack before bed! While watching how to train my pet dragon!! BEST day :) 

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